A Master

Goldsmith for Three Decades

Jewelry repair, custom-made rings, battery change, & more

Same Day Exclusive Services in Medicine Hat, Alberta

Gold Pro Jewellers, LTD is a family-owned business in Medicine Hat, Canada that offers a wide range of services like jewelry repair, custom-made rings, battery change, eyeglass/frame repair, etc.

We have been serving the Medicine Hat, Alberta area since 1999, offering same-day quality services.

Luxury, Class, and Quality

Gold Pro Jewellers is your entry-point to a unique combination of services and products designed just for you -- available anytime, anywhere.

We fuse teamwork and expertise with the right technology to provide you with everything luxury, class, and quality. Experience the difference we make!

Gold Pro Jewellers, LTD
Gold Pro Jewellers, LTD

Designed to Create Lasting Memories

As a master goldsmith for over 30 years, we repair jewelry and offer custom-made rings. We offer same-day services. We follow the “first customer, first serve” approach.

All the jewelry that we have crafted is of high-quality. We offer the workmanship with a guarantee. We are a fully insured jewelry by Jewelry Mutual. The customer must have a claim number to be a legit owner.

3D Printer Technology

To keep up with the technology, we use a 3D printer scanner solids cape to make the most exquisite jewelry. Solid scape equipment is capable of designing unique pieces of jewelry, with no compromise on quality.

Gold Pro Jewellers, LTD
Gold Pro Jewellers, LTD

Satisfied Customers

Thank you for your interest in our services. We offer the best service through dedication to the customers and commitment to quality. Our goal is to create satisfied customers from each order that we undertake.

By partnering with us, along with quality services, you also get affordability.